Commercial Modified Asphalt Roofing

Roof troubles can cause a lot of stress, especially when it comes to commercial properties. Leaks, poor insulation, and a deteriorating roof can hamper productivity and rack up unnecessary costs. Modified asphalt roofing can address these issues by offering longevity and durability. At FGA Roofing, we provide a wide selection of premium services including commercial roofing installation, repair and replacement. Are you wondering if commercial modified asphalt roofing is the right choice for your building? Read below for information that can help you decide. 


The Science Behind Modified Asphalt

Modified asphalt is traditional asphalt that has been combined with modifiers. These modifiers, typically made from plastics or rubber compounds, enhance the natural properties of asphalt. Two primary types of modified asphalts dominate the market. SBS or Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene gives asphalt a rubber-like quality, increasing its flexibility. APP or Atactic Polypropylene provides a plastic-like property to asphalt, enhancing its longevity. These additions help the asphalt become more resistant to extreme temperatures, stretching, and other common roofing problems.

Benefits of Modified Asphalt Roofs

So, what's in it for you and your business? Here are a few standout benefits:

  • Durability: Thanks to the added modifiers, these roofs can resist wear and tear from foot traffic, making them last longer.
  • Weather Resistance: Be it the scorching sun or pouring rain; modified asphalt roofs can withstand extreme weather conditions without cracking or deteriorating.
  • Elongation: Because of its flexibility, it's less likely to crack under pressure or due to structural movements.
  • Ease of Repair: In the unlikely event that damage does occur, repairs are typically straightforward and don't require replacing the entire roof.

Why Hire Pro Roofers for Your Installation? 

While modified asphalt roofing promises a host of benefits, they can only be fully realized with correct installation. Here's why reputable roofing contractors should always handle the job:

  • Expertise: Professionals possess the knowledge of the right techniques and materials to ensure the roof's longevity.
  • Safety: Roof installations come with risks. Experienced teams have the equipment and know-how to navigate these challenges.
  • Time-Efficiency: Hiring pros means your business can continue running smoothly without extended interruptions.

Maintenance Insights for a Longer-Lasting Modified Asphalt Roof

While modified asphalt roofs are durable, a bit of TLC can extend their lifespan even further:

  • Regular Inspections: Check for any visible damages or potential problem areas at least twice a year.
  • Clean the Surface: Remove debris, such as leaves and twigs, which can trap moisture and cause damage.
  • Check Drainage: Ensure that gutters and drains are clear to prevent water build-up.
  • Prompt Repairs: Addressing minor issues immediately can prevent them from turning into major problems later on.

Do You Need Services From a Qualified Roofing Company? 

Your business deserves the best, and roofing troubles should be the last of your concerns. With commercial modified asphalt roofing, you not only get peace of mind but a durable solution customized to your needs. If you're looking for lasting results, it's important to make informed decisions and trust reliable roofing contractors with the installation. If you’re looking for a dependable roofing company, then give us a call. The experienced roofers at FGA Roofing are always ready to help local property owners achieve their goals. Contact our office for more information or to schedule an appointment with roofers in your area. 



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