Skylight installation can bring natural light into any home and simultaneously improve aesthetics and energy efficiency. FGA Roofing’s step-by-step guide aims to give homeowners an in-depth overview of this installation process from initial planning through final touches, emphasizing why professional roofing contractors or companies provide optimal results.


How to Install a Skylight


Mar 22,2024



Planning and Preparation

Before Beginning, Assess Your Roof

It is vitally important that before installing a skylight on any roof, it be thoroughly evaluated first for its suitability for installation, considering factors like roof pitch, structure, and existing materials used on it. Consulting an experienced roofing company or contractors for advice about the feasibility and best approaches may be valuable in assisting skylight installations.

Selecting an Appropriate Skylight

Finding an ideal skylight requires taking into account size, style, and features such as fixed skylights (which tend to have fixed lighting systems) or ventilating models with built-in ventilation for better airflow; there are also ventilating skylights that add ventilation options while having either laminated glass or tempered glazing options installed is vital for safety and energy efficiency.

Carefully Measure and Cut

Once your skylight location has been decided upon, roofing contractors will carefully measure and cut an opening in your roof so the skylight fits snugly without jeopardizing its integrity. Ultimately, step 1 involves framing an opening for installation to proceed as planned.

Installing the Skylight

Once placed into its opening, a skylight must be securely sealed to avoid leaks; expert roofer assistance in this step proves invaluable in terms of long-term durability.

Interior Finishing

Once the skylight has been installed on its frame, its interior finishing requires finishing work that blends it seamlessly into its environment - such as drywalling and painting around its edge to match its surroundings and complete its aesthetic integration into any given room.


Inspect for Leaks

Once installation has taken place, leaks must be checked for. A roof repair specialist should conduct these inspections to ensure the skylight remains watertight while upholding roof integrity.

Shingle Replacement

Shingle replacement around skylights may be required to keep out weather elements, and professional roofing contractors play a pivotal role here by ensuring your roof remains in top shape.

Maintenance Tips

Annual inspections by roof repair professionals can identify and address potential problems before they escalate into major ones.

FGA Roofing

Skylight installation can transform a home, providing numerous advantages that enhance living space and well-being. Skylights can transform interior spaces by filling them with natural sunlight and making the room seem larger and more welcoming.

Skylight installation can be an enjoyable project that brings light into any living space, yet it is often an intricate process requiring professional roofing contractors or companies. FGA Roofing’s knowledge ensures a successful installation and long-term satisfaction from this endeavor.

Though DIY skylight installation might seem appealing, its precision and safety requirements require professionals. By trusting professionals to install it for you, you can enjoy its beauty and benefits in your home without worry or stress.

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