Roofs are unarguably one of the most essential structural elements of our homes and commercial buildings, providing shelter from inclement weather conditions while offering insulation benefits and adding aesthetic charm. Unfortunately, like any part of a structure, they also wear out over time - leaving homeowners and building managers facing tough choices when it comes to dealing with an aged or damaged roof: should they opt for full re-roofing (also referred to as "re-roofing") or consider restoration? FGA Roofing delves deep into a comparison between roof restoration and replacement so that we can help you make an informed decision.


Re-roofing vs. Roof Restoration


Mar 22,2024



Re-Roofing Defined

Re-roofing refers to completely replacing an older roof system with new materials from scratch. A roofing contractor removes and disposes of existing shingles, underlayments, and flashings before installing new materials from scratch.

Roof Restoration

Restoring existing roofing systems to extend their useful lives is known as roof restoration. It may include cleaning, repairing, rejuvenating, or adding protective coatings to extend their lives while fixing minor leakage issues or replacing a few damaged shingles.

Cost Considerations

Roof restoration is less costly than full roof replacement due to reusing existing materials while replacing needs all-new materials and possibly being more labor intensive than restoration.

Lifespan and Durability

Replacing roofs may last many decades (depending on their materials), and restoration projects may only last as long. Still, quality restoration may extend its life by several years and provide viable options if your existing structure remains sound and suitable.

Time and Convenience

Roof restoration typically takes less time than full replacement as the latter requires removing your old roof before installing a new one, potentially prolonging construction processes considerably more than its counterpart. Roof restoration could provide quicker solutions - try it today and see for yourself!

Environmental Considerations

Roof restoration tends to be more eco-friendly. Instead of sending old roofing materials directly to a landfill, restoration allows you to repurpose them, reducing waste while decreasing carbon emissions associated with manufacturing new materials.

Structural Considerations

Before choosing either option, a professional roofing contractor must assess the structural integrity of an existing roof. Full roof replacement might be your only viable choice if there's extensive damage or compromised foundational elements; otherwise, restoration could provide just what's needed.

Future Maintenance

Both options require ongoing upkeep. Although new roofs do not need immediate attention, regular inspections and upkeep still must be performed on them over time. Conversely, restored roofs might need more regular check-ups to make sure that any restored issues have yet to arise and that none new have come up since restoration took place.

Aesthetic Appeal

Installing a brand-new roof can give a building an entirely different aesthetic; restoration offers revitalization without dramatically changing its style or layout. Your choice may depend on whether you desire an entirely different appearance or simply revitalize existing styles;

Return On Investment (ROI)

Both methods of increasing property values will increase its worth; however, their respective returns of investment (ROIs) vary. A roof replacement might command higher selling prices when trying to sell immediately due to its longer lifespan and improved appearance. Still, roof restoration might provide more attractive returns for those on a tight budget who wish to improve their home without selling immediately than its newer counterparts.

FGA Roofing

Both roof re-roofing and restoration offer unique advantages; your decision depends on factors like budget, existing roof condition, time constraints, long-term plans of property ownership, etc. For best results, always consult an established roofing contractor who can offer expert guidance, assess the current conditions of your roof, and tailor recommendations specifically tailored to your situation. Whatever choice is made, it must always ensure safety and durability!

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