Selecting the proper roofing shingles to give your home the protection it needs is vital, especially since shingles serve as the first line of defense against inclement weather, from summer heat waves to frigid winter chill. CertainTeed shingles stand out amongst its vast selection as an exceptional option that combines durability, aesthetic appeal, and value. Many roofing companies and roofing contractors specializing in installation, roof repair, or replacement can assist with these. Here, FGA Roofing explores why CertainTeed could be the best choice for your roof installation project by learning more about its unique benefits that ensure all necessary contractors and companies participate.


Why Install CertainTeed Shingles?


Mar 22,2024



Durability that Stands the Test of Time

CertainTeed shingles have long been prized for their extraordinary durability. Engineered to endure extreme weather, these premium-quality materials stand up well under raindrops, snowfall, or high winds, protecting homes against raindrops, heavy snowfall, or powerful winds with unfaltering protection for years. CertainTeed roofing contractors often recommend CertainTeed as both long-lived and reliable home protection.

Enhancing Your Home's Exterior Aesthetically

CertainTeed shingles come in an extensive selection of colors, styles, and textures, so homeowners can select a roof to complement the architectural style of their home. Roofing companies use this variety of shingles as part of the customized solutions they provide homeowners - so every repair or replacement enhances safety and visual aesthetic appeal for an improved home experience.

Energy Efficiency for Comfort and Savings

Energy efficiency has never been so essential. CertainTeed shingles were specifically created with energy savings in mind, reflecting sunlight to lower heat transfer into your home and keeping temperatures cooler in summer, thus decreasing air conditioning requirements and costs over time. Roofers frequently stress this benefit as an effective measure toward making homes more environmentally sustainable and cost-efficient in the long run.

Home Sound Protection for Peace of Mind

CertainTeed shingles offer another significant advantage to homeowners: noise reduction. With their ability to absorb and dampen external noise sources such as raindrops or traffic noises, CertainTeed shingles help create a calmer home environment - ideal in areas prone to storms or heavy traffic conditions, making this feature an attractive selling point when providing advice regarding roof repair or replacement options to their clients.

Professional Roof Contractors and Companies Play an Important Part

Like any roofing material, CertainTeed shingles require proper installation for maximum effectiveness. This is where professional roofers become invaluable in protecting against leaks and damage to your roof. Experienced installers know all the specific requirements for properly setting CertainTeed shingles onto roofs efficiently and correctly.

Should your roof ever require repair or shingle replacement, having an established roofing company on-call can make all the difference. Their professionals can assess its condition, recommend an effective plan of action, and carry out any needed repairs or replacements with care and precision, extending its lifespan and maintaining its aesthetic appeal and functionality.

CertainTeed Shingles for Your Home

Selecting CertainTeed shingles for your home goes beyond selecting materials; it is a decision for peace of mind. Boasting durability, aesthetic versatility, energy efficiency, and sound protection features that meet diverse homeowner needs, these CertainTeed shingles offer comprehensive solutions that meet these criteria. Furthermore, professional roofing companies play a vital role in repairs, installation, and shingle replacement; their expertise ensures your investment remains safe, comfortable, and beautiful for years ahead.

FGA Roofing

When considering your roofing material options, FGA Roofing knows CertainTeed roof shingles stand out as an outstanding solution that meets expectations making them an outstanding choice for all roofing requirements that might arise!

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